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Tasha von der Sauk BH, AD
A Normal HIPS /ED Normal Elbows
Born: December 18, 2011 Sire: SG3 Farin Spod Lavov 5x IPO, Players Champion A normal ED Normal
Dam: Nutja von Karthago (Dana) OFA Excellent

Tasha is a very correct female following in her mothers footsteps.

She has all the tools of her father.

Tasha will carry on her mothers pedigree and producing nature that was so very reliable.

Her mother was our top producing female in the work and with the highest demand in desired homes.


Tasha improves her mother by having our male Farin combined in the pedigree.


Farin brings even more speed, and more power to the combination.


On top of all of this, Farin x Dana combination produced great health and strong drives while keeping dogs absolutely stable and perfect for home life. (That means great house dogs!)


Tasha and all our working dogs are great house dogs. She is a very compliant dog and wants to please. With the proper balance for natural protection she is a social dog with good drives. Good with our cats, and chickens as well she carries on everything we want in a high drive dog.


Her pedigree allows us to breed dogs for national and world level dog sports, as well as for dual purpose police or SAR while have no doubt in placing pups into family homes without GSD experience.

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