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SG3 Farin Spod Lazov BH, IPO1, IPO2, 5x IPO3

Born : 15. January 2009


Hip/Elbow  Clear  DM FREE!

Sire: V Agent vom Wolfsheim SchH3, IPO3, SG-BSP ED Normal HD Normal

Dam: Dasha spod Lazov SVV1

Farin is Handler Owned and Trained (HOT) by Shannon Huffman


Farin has competed in 3 national championships. Won a regional championship in his class, and has achieved a total of 5 IPO3 titles! Further, Farin was the 2014 Players Champion. He is now retired from the competition field.


He is known as the "BEST ONE YET" in the long attack. A dog people travel to see.

His temperament is the most stable you could ever expect from one of the top dogs residing in America. He is a dog that can be around other males, females, chickens, puppies, cats, kids, and elderly. When he is not training for competition you will find him with me most places we go. He is an active service dog and produces the same quality as himself.


Farin went from a BH (Basic Obedience On and Off Leash, and Traffic Temperament Test) to National Competition as an IPO3 within 1 year of earning his first title. He is a very solid male with a extremely hard, full, and fast grip. He has outstanding food drives and toy drives. Farin measures about 64CM at the Wither and is kept lean and very physically fit at 77.5lbs.


He produces strong characters, very social dogs, and dogs that can live as a family dog as well as a working dog.


Farin came to the states in the fall of 2009 directly from Slovakia. He is tattoo'ed, microchipped, and DNA'd.

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