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We'd like you to meet "SCREECH"


He is a very sweet, neutered, white, male Golden, Sammie Mix.

We rescued screech from a shelter in late 2009 he was suppose to be gassed to death.

He was just a young boy then. Screech is UTD on his vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

He cant be in our home full time as we have BRONGO, FARIN and a 12.5 Year old House Male already.

Screech loves long walks. He is a great lap dog. He's not had lots of house experience unmonitored but LOVES to be inside with me while I work.


He knows what a crate is, and is very very clean in the kennel.

He understands what NO means and tries to please.


Screech has a very very small adoption fee and is for someone who wants a very nice guy, and is willing to continue our good deed.


Please help us find him a home.

We keep him shaved because his coat is so thick it is hard for us to keep the sand out of it and keep him maintained with no outside staff. Screech looks like a little lamb when he is fresh cut. He is very easy to groom and loves the attention. In the winter Screech has a full coat and is very handsome!



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